First, you’ll have to invoke the spirit by filling up the doll with rice or nails and closed it with a red thread…


Then, you’ll have to stab it and leave it in a bathtub of saltwater… 


Second, you’ll have to turn off the lights and tell the doll that it’s it turn and hide.


After that, the doll will seek you and you’ll have to run for your life.


Hitori Kakurenbo Online is a online multiplayer videogame in which you’ll have to run for your life in order to escape. 

Each one of the 6 character has special abilities, that ability has a pro and a con. The doll will also have active abilities as the teenagers get keys.
The humans will also be able to use objects to defend themselves from the doll, which will be around the map.


You can choose between our 6 teens


Personalize them however you want to