The character plays differents roles within the team, but their goal is the same:
Survive the Killer Doll and open the bathroom’s door, where the Hitori Kakurenbo ritual began.

Barnabas "Barry" Thomson
The athlete

He is a noble and a very strong person, but he also has a sensitive side that enjoys reading romantic novels and cooking.

When he was already in high school, he noticed Reina, another of her friends, who shared the same passion for sports. He dated the gymnast for almost a year, until she abruptly ended the relationship.


He has more stamina than the others.

He makes more noise when moving.

Reina Takeuchi
The Good girl

Since she was born, Reina was always her grandfather’s spoiled child. But when he died, Reina was dethroned as the family favorite by her brother, Yuu, who did not go out much and remained more faithful to the family’s upright morals. Jealousy used to cause most of the fights between them.

One of her friends, River, became Reina’s new love interest, but the internal conflict caused by having lived in a traditional family all her life prevents her from taking a step further with her.

She has access to special hiding places.

She gradually loses. health in her hiding places, but then regains it when she leaves.

River O'Reagan
The rebel

River is the only daughter of a very Catholic Irish family. Since childhood she was always against everything she was forced to do. Her parents put her in several Catholic schools to see if they could get their rebellious daughter on track. It didn’t work.

At the age of 12, River was sure she liked women. River developed a great interest in her friend Reina and ended up growing closer to her when she broke up with Barry.

She can see the location of objects within the room she is in.

She opens drawers and hiding places more slowly.

Suraj Rahman
The leader

From a very wealthy family, Suraj is the only son of the prestigious Rahman family of India.

It was difficult for him to make friends with the other members of the group, since he saw them as inferior due to their economic and social situation, being all children of his father’s employees. Thanks to them he learned humility, or at least he tried to be more humble.

His leadership skills and natural charisma soon began to make everyone revolve around him in one way or another.

When a teammate dies, their items go into Suraj’s inventory.

When he heirs the objects, he becomes visible all over the map for the doll for some seconds. 

Tanisha Dje
The intelligent

Tanisha wants to be a doctor since her childhood. She has always been an excellent student and she has always worked harder than anyone else to achieve her goal. When she had to move, it didn’t take her too long to adapt and be the first of her new class. Competitive and perfectionist, she has always preferred to do things herself rather than entrust them to others.

For Tanisha, nonsense and games were something she couldn’t indulge in, until Suraj appeared in her life. Since that day, she has been dragged into one illogical situation after another.
Sometimes she feels like a hostage, since she doesn’t want to be there, but at the same time she thinks that, if she is not there, someone will get hurt and she is the only one who knows first aid. She has always preferred to spend her time with someone calmer like Yuu.

She can revive an ally without the need of a first aid kit.

She can’t move when reviving.

Yuu Takeuchi

Since he was very little, Yuu has always been a special child.
His great intelligence made him stand out at school and earn praise from teachers. At the same time it was shown that the boy was very smart, it was also shown that he had many problems relating to others and understanding things that are common to others. Yuu was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome  after he moved out and his classmates picked on him again.

A lover of warship models, Yuu lives practically confined in his room doing the things he likes. Unlike his sister, Yuu preferred to stay closer to family than go out into the terrifying outside world.

He becomes invisible for a few seconds, but will become visible again if he moves.

He has less stamina & speed than the others.